Cameron Honeyager's Biography

“Just don’t be a jerk” I live my life by these five words.

Music Industry xpartntIn my personal life, professional life, and my digital life I try to carry myself as to not come off as a jerk to others. We all know what are the right things, and the wrong things to do and we all know what a jerk looks like. The don’t be a jerk attitude has helped me learn how to be an empathetic, kind, and helpful professional as long as a good friend and brother in my personal life.

If you knew me you would know that I am an entertainer, I love making people laugh or think, or escape their lives for a second. Since I was young I was able to relate to music and when I was ten I picked up a guitar for the first time. At the age of twelve I was performing original songs in front of an audience of five hundred people. I didn’t win that talent show but I did get offered to be a regular at a local bars open mic. There I learned basic sound systems and crafted my performance. Throughout the rest of my school years I performed at various open mics, showcases, and charity benefits. This is how I fell in love with performing

By the time high school came I had been performing for a couple of years now and loved it. I joined an improve group freshman year and learned how to think on the go. Come sophomore year I was cast in the fall play. I immediately fell in love with theater and acting in general. Throughout high school I was cast in various shows and performed in an improv group as well as a couple of comedic showcases. Making people laugh was something I was always good at but never thought of doing it as a profession. I started going to stand up open mics as well as performing my music at open mics and performing in school shows.

I was crafting my self to become a well-rounded entertainer. Which is what I am today. I came to full sail in hopes to perfect my music and recording skills. I have a lot of projects in the works and get to do what I love everyday.. I guess the biggest thing you can take away from all of this is I never give up, and I love what I do. I am a goal oriented, standard driven, well-rounded entertainment professional.

Please contact me to help contribute to your next project.