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Music Composition & Sound Design Project by Cameron Honeyager

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Life's Good



Escape from Nowhere



Pretzel Man



Reaching For Thunder

This is the final project at Full Sail University



New Day: Every Day

About this work:

This is a fun video I made showcasing a composition primarily made by recording 4 bars of music, looping it, then building on top of it. 

It's amazing what can be created with a keyboard, a few sample packs, and a basic understanding of music theory.

All from with in the confines of a messy college bedroom.

All You Need

About this work:

This track features orchestral elements mainly strings. Using smooth voice leading I was able to utilize Kontakt session strings and create a piece that builds in emotion while maintaining a positive feel.


I've Been Places

About this work:

This track was made as a Full Sail Univ. project.  The goal was to utilize instruments and styles from other cultures and blend them with modern dramatic elements. This track features Native Instruments samples.


Action Trailer Track

About this work:

This is a production track created for the purpose of background music to be set to an action packed film or game trailer. Featuring driving percussion, rumbling horns, and sharp strings. 

This track will definitely get you pumped.


Drive Thru

About this work:

This is a production track that was written for the purpose of sitting in the background of sports highlights.

It features rock and electronic elements. I used guitar rig to track live guitar and native instruments studio drummer for the percussion element.


The Chair Will Do

About this work:

This ear splitting metal track was written for a project at Full Sail University. The assignment called for us to create a track that could be used as intro music for a professional wrestler. The only live elements present are guitar and bass. The rest we're using MIDI.


Share Your Heart

About this work:

This track features piano, bass, and strings.  It's a sweet track that really drives but is also sweet in nature.



About this work:

This track features orchestral string elements as well as pop and rock elements.  It features a good use of melody, counter melody, and harmonization.


Joshua's Song

About this work:

This is an instrumental song featuring piano, strings, and a marimba, and a harp.  I wrote this as a lullaby for my little brother Joshua who had just been born while I was on the other side of the country finishing school.


Small Talk

About this work:

This is the music from another looping video I created. Featuring piano, bass, horns, and drums.


Jazzed and Confused

About this work:

One night after listening to hours of jazz for my music history test I decided to write something with a little swing.


Got Ice Cream

About this work:

This is a electro pop track, featuring four on the floor percussion, synthesis, and rhythmic variation.



About this work:

This is a song I created for Advanced Composition at Full Sail University. It features many different compositional elements such as melody, counter melody, harmony, and alternates between compound meter and simple meter. It varies in instrumentation, chordal structure, and rhythm.


DOI - Pop Version


May Cause Heart Disease


Chip Tune




Fourteen (Featuring Ryan Harris, Dia Morgan)


I Think Therefore I Am (Ones And Zeroes)


Okay In Silence (Featuring Dia Morgan)


Definition Of Insanity (Featuring Colleen Berry)


Phantasmic Actuality


Head Space


Free Me - Music by Cameron Honeyager

Original Music by Cameron - in this independent film.

This is a short film where a woman has been taken captive and is being held against her will.

My role was to compose original music as well as mix and master it.

No Soul

Sample from a scene from "No Soul"

A dramatic moment in a clip from this short film.

The Devil's Doorbell

Original Music by Cameron in this independent film made as a final project for film production students at Full Sail University.

After hearing a disturbance the previous night, curiosity brings teens Steve, Rob, and Peter into the home of their mysterious neighbor, Mr. Mullen. All seems normal, and the boys decide to leave when Steve is pressured by his friend Rob who takes him further into the home. However, when they get to the basement, things take an unexpected turn.

The Manster

What was needed was suspenseful sound with menacing overtones.

An orchestral piece showing the work.

Dead Field Game Trailer

This trailer for video game "Deadfield" features original music, sound design, and sonic branding, all created, mixed, and mastered, by Cameron Honeyager

Game Capture #1

A throwback type game with a sound design to match the genre. 

With some quotes from Monty Python...

Palace Game Capture

About this work:

This is a Full Sail Univ. project where I was tasked with writing music for an open world exploration video game. Basically I had to compose a different piece of music for each element you go in.

As you go through each element the music starts to blend together making one final piece comprised of 4 different layers that are unique in their own but work together with the rest of the music.